Mary Ann Espiritu, Criminal Defense Attorney

The Government has accused you of breaking at least one of its laws � that's all that is needed for you to be arrested and thrown in jail. Now you're caught up in a maze of rules, policy and bureaucracy that can be complicated and confusing. You're probably frustrated and feel as if you've been treated with contempt and disrespect; you feel that way because now, in the eyes of the Government and its agents, you are a criminal.

It's easy to become intimidated and afraid when your accuser seems to have unlimited resources and power. At times like these you need a friend who has the education, training and experience to contest the Government's charges; you need an empathetic and compassionate friend who will honestly and effectively express your point of view.

Regardless the severity of the offense, I will stand with you during this difficult moment in your life. I understand the stress you may be experiencing. My representation may include referral to resources that can help you deal with the emotional, psychological, and spiritual challenges that often accompany personal crisis. Through it all I will be your advocate, advisor, defender, and, perhaps most importantly, your friend.

It is my intent and sincere hope that each person I represent enjoys a better, more productive and peaceful life as a result of their relationship with me.  Contact me for a free consultation and experience the difference having a friend as your lawyer can make.

I will fight for your rights.
I will be committed to your case.
I will treat you with dignity and respect.

I will remind you that you are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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